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"Thanks for the information on improving sexual function for men. I used your resource on premature ejaculation and learned alot! I've tried a new product that seems to be working and my sex life is definitely on the upswing! THANKS!!"

- Sam Coll, Victoria BC


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- Amy Hertyl, San Diego


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How to Improve Sexual Function

10 Tips for Better Sex

Having great sex doesn't have to be a distant memory - no matter what your current situation is - great sex awaits you, and it can be easier than you think! Even seemingly small changes can result in dramatic improvement in both your sexual performance and enjoyment.


One of the biggest obstacles to a great sex life is realizing that it is attainable - it may just take a little effort on your part - as well as your lover. Having a pleasurable and satisfying sex life is totally within your power - and it starts today!


To help you get started -we've come up with 10 sex tips that can help you on your way to a robust and healthy sex life. Try some of these tips and see for yourself just how good sex can be again.


There are several different methods to improve your sexual function, performance and enjoyment - from simple exercises you can do at home, to changing your diet, to proven herbal sexual enhancers which are sure to spice up your sex life!



1) - Eat Better

Many people fail to understand the importance of diet when it comes to sexual function and libido. Proper function of the sex organs is heavily dependent on your overall health and fitness - and diet is one of the most important factors for proper health.


The fact is - eat better and you will perform better - it really is that simple! A few foods that will improve your sexual function include avocado, almonds, strawberries, seafood, and figs.


2) - Exercise

Okay, so the first two tips don't seem that "fun" so far - but exercise provides plenty of overall benefits - and your sexual performance is one of them. Even a minor amount of exercise 3-5 times per week will provide noticeable benefits both inside and outside the bedroom! If you can incorporate getting some fresh air at the same time as exercising - even better!


3) - Try Something New

Often sex can get a little predictable and routine - which definitely kills the excitement and can hamper optimum sexual performance and pleasure. Try mixing things up a little and trying something the two of you have never tried before. This can be as simple as 'tweaking' your sexual routine a bit, or go wild and do something a bit crazy.


4) - Have a Glass of Wine

Now, we're not recommending going on a bender or anything, but often a glass of wine or champagne can relax both partners and provide a nice setting for some amazing sex. Many women feel especially "frisky" after a glass of champagne, so why not find something to celebrate with a little bubbly? Often times loosening up just a little can go a long way to reduced inhibitions and better sexual function - so why not have a little 'tip' to help move things along?


5) - Role Play

Many couples find that a little imaginative play or role playing can add some major spark to their sexual escapades. Consider dusting off that Batman costume you wore at Halloween - and see how good your crime-fighting skills can be in the bedroom!


6) - Have Fun

Try relaxing a bit and 'letting your hair down', so to speak. Try taking sex for what it really is - fun, pleasurable, and a fantastic way for you to express to your partner how you feel about them. Consider massaging each other for 10 minutes each before intercourse - it's both relaxing and sensual - and can pave the way for some mind-blowing sex!


7) - Play With Toys

Often time couples may feel embarrassed about using sex toys or paraphernalia, but once they try it - they love it! Consider using a vibrator, pleasuring gel or some other sex toy that you've maybe been curious about. Sex toys can add another dimension of fun and pleasure to your sex life.


8) - Have Sex Somewhere Different

Sometimes the routine of having sex in the same place (and possibly the same time) can take the excitement out of it. Make a pact to have sex at least once a month somewhere you've never done it before. When we're young we tend to have sex in all sorts of exciting places, but as we get older (and have our own place!), we often relegate sex to only the bedroom. Try doing it somewhere else - you'll be glad you did!


9) - Tell Your Lover What Works

Often times we're guilty of using the same "moves" over and over again. Sometimes that's OK, but why not spice things up a bit and tell your lover EXACTLY what you want them to do. Not only will they likely be happy to oblige, you'll enjoy getting to take control over your own pleasure.


10) - Try a Sex Enhancer

While this term makes many of us instantly think of penis enlargement jokes, the fact is that many sex enhancers today work extremely well - and are often recommended by both doctors and therapists. There are a multitude of prescription and non-prescription sex enhancers for men and women that can dramatically improve your sexual performance and enjoyment. Consider spending a few bucks on a proven sexual enhancer, and you may be surprised what they can do for you!


These tips are just a few of the things you can do to improve your sexual function and performance - and dramatically increase both your sexual pleasure and satisfaction.


See our product review page to see natural sex-enhancing products for both men and women that are sure to enhance your pleasure and add some spark to your sex life!